Akumanoshirushi - Carry In Project

Tokyo 2015 Performance

Japanese duo carries Festival De Keuze into the Rotterdamse Schouwburg
“Design an object whose shape is almost impossible to carry in. Build the object and carry it in. That’s it.” It can’t be described in any other way but in the words of director Noriyuki Kiguchi. Normally, the words of the writer or director determine the actors’ acting. However, in this project the sculpture’s weight and shape is the ‘script’ of the performance. We are going to kick off Festival De Keuze by physically carrying it into the Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

The Japanese duo Akumanoshirushi, consisting of Kiguchi and architect Takuma Ishikawa, is going to build a real-size replica of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, which they will adjust until they have the ultimate design. In the last phase, they will be assisted by a number of people from Rotterdam and architect students. On the opening night, they will carry the sculpture in together with a dozen strong volunteers. During the entire festival it will remain in the Hall, acting as a meeting place. In the Mind Your Head area you will find books, articles, films and sound fragments and can find out more about the artists performing at the festival.

During his architecture degree in Yokohama, Noriyuki Kiguchi founded a theatre company. He was moonlighting at a construction site when he came up with this project. There he saw strong men carrying heavy building materials. The efficiency and beauty of their movements inspired him to create a piece of art that focusses on carrying objects together. “The people that carry in an object are the ultimate performers.”



23 September

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